Monday, 15 August 2011

Thing 5

Reflective practice-

So far, I've sorted out my blog, got to grips with Twitter, Evernote and RSS, investigated some other blogs, searched and learned about my Personal Brand and now reflecting on my progress.

I've learnt more about how to blog, what blogs can be used for and how to interact with other blogs. I've learnt more about the way people see 'me' and my personal brand and how we should use our personal brand. I've started to understand about how Twitter works and how to follow people and tweet. I've learnt how to suibscribe to RSS Feeds and how to use Evernote.

I've really enjoyed the course so far, and nothing has gone wrong(so far!)

I can now feel more confident when blogging and assist other people. The first part of this course has gone well!

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