Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thing 10

A little while since my last post!
Routes into Librarianship-

Graduate traineeships-

Information on these traineeships is available in various places on the interent, but a few good websites I found were: ( this is the University of Oxford's page about the traineeships they offer and a little info about them)
Perhaps even better is their blog, which follows the traineeship(
Of course, it does'nt take long to hunt round for information on these.

Masters Degrees-

There are a number of masters degree's accredited by CILIP, the link given on CPD23's blog. An example of a degree is here.


A number of library jobs person specification list chartership as either desirable or in some cases, essential. So they we are. Of course, there is more information on chartership on CILIP's webpages.

It's been very interesting learning more about the differnt routes into Librarianship. Now onto Thing 11!

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